Helping busy parents over 35
look, move & feel better


Hi, I'm Chris Kielb and I help time strapped parents over 35, look leaner, move better and feel more energised, without wasting precious family time.

I've taken the essence of Pilates and applied it to other forms of exercise, making it functional, effective and accessible to everyone.

I provide a range of online services to suit different needs and different budgets. 

CK Coaching Single leg stretch

1 to 1 Training

30 minute sessions, online or face to face (if you live within 5 miles), tailored precisely to suit your needs.


Flexible Training

Programs are hosted on an app that allows you complete flexibility as to when and where you train.


Live or On Demand

Pilates runs through the core of this mixed ability class, with a few deviations along the way.

Why Pilates?

In my opinion, Pilates provdies a wonderful foundation for most exercise. Stability, mobility, flexibility, strength, and breathing. It's low impact so it's easy on your joints. It works through a full range of movement so you don't tighten up. And you have to concentrate to keep control and listen to your body's cues.  Plus, I love that people feel fabulous at the end of a session. 

Why is it for busy parents?

I'm a dad twice over now, once in my 30s and again in my 50s. The first time I was in paid employment, and this time around I'm self employed.  I know that balancing  demands of family life places work life is a tough act, and I've chosen to help others manage that balance. 


Of course you can do this without being busy, or a parent, it will work for everyone.

Why is it for the over 35s?

Once you reach 35, your body starts to change.  Recovery tends to take longer and you are at higher risk of certain health conditions.  My training takes that into account. 


Again that doesn't stop anyone younger from benefitting, it will work for everyone.

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