The Energiser Program

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The Energiser Program is a 6 week program helping time strapped parents over forty, look leaner, move better and feel more energised, without wasting precious family time.

Over the 6 weeks, you follow a structured video based training program, evaluate your nutritional intake, and establish healthier habits, without having to give up everything that you love.

We have a weekly catch up video call to make sure you stay on track.

Program benefits:


Burn Body Fat - lose weight, look leaner & feel fitter


Better Mobility - banish aches & pains

Boost Energy - make the most of every day

Program features:


Targetted, simple 30 minute video workouts


App based convenience


Simple Pilates based exercises


Weekly 1 to 1 accountability calls


Nutrition tracking


Progress tracking

I know my training sytems work. To find out if they can work for you, just enter your name and email and click on the 'Submit' button below.  This is the first stage to see if I can help you achieve your goals.

There is no high pressure sales call.  If I don't think that I can help you, then I will tell you exactly that, and try to point you in the right direction for free.

"So knowing what a great trainer Chris is I decided to enlist on to his 6 week energizer course which consisted of 3 x 30 min classes per week. The structure of the programme was very good – a full, intense full body workout (following Chris in real time) with no need for any additional equipment. The exercises started out as basic but by week 6 the exercises were advanced, and I surprised myself at what I could do by week 6! I was fitter & stronger.

Chris held me accountable (but in the nicest possible way!) – we had 1-2-1 video calls every week to run through form and any questions. The app is very easy to use, the only thing I wish I did was track what I was eating to maximise results which I am now doing ironically. I did see results in 6 short weeks, Jeans were looser! Thank you Chris."

- Ashmi

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