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Chris Kielb - founder & trainer at CK Coaching


With over 12 years of experience under my belt, I've learned a thing, or two about health, fitness and wellbeing.


What motivates me is helping others to achieve their goals, but more importantly, to me anyway, is for them to feel better. Both in themselves physically and about themselves emotionally.

You may be able to run a marathon, but if you hate the training, never feel that you are good enough, and have to force yourself to keep doing it, well that doesn't sound like my idea of fun.

There is nothing wrong with hard work and commitment, but it's important that you enjoy the journey, and that it makes you feel good.

I've used the word 'feel' a lot, and that's because I believe it's the feeling and emotion that helps you to change. It means you're working towards something you actually want.

If this resonates with you then give me a shout. Worst case we have a chat and go our separate ways. Best case we form a win-win connection and are both happy.

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Phone: 07798 834 334


Location:  United Kingdom